agosto 4, 2020


Biosecurity protocol applied in Summer Travel Costa Rica

Health protocol following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica and the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute), these are the measures to take to protect our passengers and work team:

• All our transport units are disinfected before, after and between each service.

• For the handling of waste such as masks, gloves and scarves disposable, each unit has a specific plastic garbage bag for that end.

• All our vehicles have a hygiene kit that includes hand sanitizer (70% alcohol gel) and additional masks.

• The air conditioning will be used with air exchange and not recirculated, when if possible and the weather allows it, natural air will be used, opening the windows. A / C windows will be cleaned daily.

• Our staff will wear their masks or face masks during their They will also take their temperature at the beginning of each work shift.

• All our passengers must wear their masks or face masks during the tour or transportation service. It is mandatory that they have and use their masks to tackle any of our excursions or services transport.

• Before removing the masks, passengers, drivers and guides must wash hands or use gel alcohol. Store the mask in a sealed bag for protect it from contamination. Before putting on the mask, they should wash their hands or use gel alcohol. The mask should be removed to go to the bathroom or for meals.

• The hand washing protocol will be followed, before and after each meal or of any activity that is included in the itinerary of the excursion or route.

• The size of the groups will be limited. The maximum capacity of the groups will be according to the guidelines of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health.

• Each vehicle will have visual material with the hand washing protocol, sneezing and coughing, other ways of greeting, not touching your face and population in risk.

• All equipment used during the excursion or transportation service will be disinfected before and after each activity.

• Passengers should not travel if they have any of the related symptoms to COVID-19.

• The service will be denied to people who fail to comply with any of the above regulations established by the Government of Costa Rica, likewise will establish economic fines over $ 800USD and shares administrative against people who do not follow the protocols and, put at risk to other occupants or company personnel.

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